The Brief

For the past 2 years, Eminent is a print & digital Magazine that delivers information to East Africans about Local & International Travel destinations, Nature, Business, Agriculture and Lifestyle.

Eminent Magazine is the sole publication on the market that specifically showcases real insights, useful tips, entertaining stories for travelers and want-to-be travelers, as well as offering them entertainment and new relevant information to non-travelers.While many newspapers contain travel sections, there is no publication that speaks simply and honestly to people who want to explore the wider world, whether it is for holiday purposes, for study or for work.


To inspire our readers to explore and learn about this amazing planet through stories told by East African travelers.


  1. To print and distribute print travel magazine.
  2. To develop and cultivate in the idea of travel journalism around the globe.
  3. To act as a means of print education and entertainment about travel.
  4. To provide opportunity to the readers for self-expression in written form about their travel adventures.
  5. To promote travel destinations through print advertisement.
  6. To promote travel services through print advertising.