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Dear Editor(Passport Ranking)


I read about Visa free countries to travel to in a previous Issue of Eminent Magazine and I have always wondered why some countries require a visa to enter while others don’t? From Nansubuga Jane. Dear Jane, Due to border control, all countries have different rules to enter them. A Visa is a conditional authorization granted by a country (to …

Dear Editor (Istanbul)


Am travelling to an international conference in Europe on a Turkish airlines flight with a 16 hours layover in Istanbul, Turkey. Since I already have a Schengen visa, I intend to use this free time to explore this beautiful city during the time I have there. How can I maximize this experience? From Brian K. Dear Brian, Istanbul is Turkey’s …

My D.V Lottery Journey


By Christine A. Kasibbo – ckasibbo@gmail.com People often ask me and my husband about how we got a green card and the whole visa process, and I believe many of you will be interested in learning about the United States of america Diversity Visa Lottery Program (DV) entry process. It’s simple and free of charge. Since 1995, the DV Program …

Travel Visa Free With Your Ugandan Passport


Have you ever wanted to travel but the process of acquiring a travel visa puts you down with so many requirements and the tedious process, even after going through the process, visa denials are very common. Travelling across borders can be hectic depending on your citizenship, the stability of that country, most countries require a visa of entry. Depending on the duration and reasons for your stay, you …

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