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Quick Facts •There are about 372 different parrot species, mostly living in tropical areas. •Parrots have curved bills (beaks), strong legs, clawed feet and often brightly coloured. •Parrots are believed to be one of the most intelligent bird species, well known for imitating human voices. •Most parrot species rely on seeds as food. Others may eat fruit, buds, nuts, snails, …

Trekking Gorillas Of Bwindi


The day I trekked Mountain Gorillas is still so memorable for me. My exciting Journey to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park began at Entebbe Airport to western Uganda By Caroline Amutuhaire. No other wildlife encounter in Africa matches the astounding experience of spending time face-to-face with mountain gorillas. Encountering wild gorillas is considered a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. With half of the world’s …

Antelopes Of Africa


More than 70 different species of antelopes on the planet are found in various regions of Africa. 25 of them are endangered due to poaching and loss of habitat, . Can you tell them apart from each other? Below is a table comparing some of the species. FUN FACTS: The only antelope known to become extinct is the South African …

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