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Are you Planning to Become a Farmer?


I grew up in a nice village in Mbarara where everyone including our family, grew our own food and had livestock, but just like most of us, I moved to the city in my adult years, to work a white –collar job. A few years ago, I mentioned becoming a farmer to a group of my friends – their reaction? …

Travel Insurance


Lost passport, lost luggage, accidents abroad, property damage—these are just some of the unforeseen but possible inconveniences and emergencies that can occur when travelling. What would you do if during your trip, unexpectedly…… You or A family member become ill or are injured? Weather cancels your trip? Your trip is delayed? Your luggage is lost or stolen? Your travel documents …

Have Fun On A Business Trip


Let’s assume, your company is sending you for a meeting or a conference to an all-expenses paid business trip in a great location or place that you’ve never been to. How do you find time or make a quick escape to see the best of this destination? Janice is a public relations manager and travels to different places to represent …

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