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How to score International scholarships


I graduated from Makerere business school in 2013, but I still haven’t found a job due the high unemployment rates in Uganda. Without money, I can’t afford to return to school to upgrade my skills in order to qualify for a better job, so am considering an international scholarship to help me out of my situation. Please give me advice …

How to Stash your Travel Cash


Having your wallet stolen on a trip, can put a big dent in a traveler’s trip. Let’s begin with these common-sense money safety reminders for all times (not just when you travel): Be discreet with your money in public – so you don’t draw attention. Carry small bills and only the cash you need for the day. If your pockets …

5 Tips for Cutting your Fuel Consumption


OPT FOR CLEAN OIL. Dirty oil is hard on your engine and the environment. Follow the maintenance schedule recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer and you will stretch your fuel mileage by 12%, reducing emissions and fill-ups. REPLACE YOUR SPARK PLUGS. Old spark plugs that make pinging sounds could mean that fuel isn’t burning completely inside the cylinder, this reduces fuel …

A Beginner’s Guide to Car-Buying


Just got your licence? Parent of a new driver? Read on for tips on how to land the right vehicle for the right price. BE PRACTICAL. Sleek design and a ‘wicked’ sound system are nice but first figure out what you need – cargo space, all-wheel drive, power vs fuel efficiency and so on. Do this before you start shopping, …

Saving For A Vacation


Vacations are awesome! Imagine your family sitting on a gorgeous beach without a worry in sight. Pretty awesome visual, Am I right? Well, it’s perfect until you figure out that vacations cost money and you don’t have anything saved up to go on vacation “Luckily, I have a few solutions for you that will allow you to save for your …

Have Fun On A Business Trip


Let’s assume, your company is sending you for a meeting or a conference to an all-expenses paid business trip in a great location or place that you’ve never been to. How do you find time or make a quick escape to see the best of this destination? Janice is a public relations manager and travels to different places to represent …

How To Photograph A Sunrise/Sunset


Capturing that beautiful orange glow at dawn/dusk can be tricky, depending on whether you’re using your phone or a camera, here are some tips to perfect it: Plan in Advance. Look for an interesting place or things a day or two before you shoot. The background or foreground elements and silhouettes will be crucial before you start tracking the sun at dusk or dawn. Look up the …

How To Choose The Perfect Souvenir


Have you been on an adventure recently? Perhaps you have one planned in the coming weeks or months. Whether you head to the beach, the mountains or an amusement park, there’s one thing you’ll likely do regardless of where you are. Get souvenir also called mementos or keepsakes. Many of us (and I include myself here) obviously have a yearning …

Travel Visa Free With Your Ugandan Passport


Have you ever wanted to travel but the process of acquiring a travel visa puts you down with so many requirements and the tedious process, even after going through the process, visa denials are very common. Travelling across borders can be hectic depending on your citizenship, the stability of that country, most countries require a visa of entry. Depending on the duration and reasons for your stay, you …

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