Portugal on Budget


Joseph Yawe is a seasoned traveller and adventurist. In this article, we catch up with him about his European trip through Germany and Portugal. In July 2015, when I travelled from Boston to Würzburg, Germany (via Frankfurt) for a friend’s wedding, I knew I was up for an 11 day adventure. What were the highlights of your trip? Day 1-2 …

My Great Italian Glory

My great Italian glory

By Joselyn Nyakato Upon emerging as the lucky winner of Eminent Magazine free Italian trip offer, I could not with hold my excitement! Day 1: Arrival in  Milan I left Entebbe Airport, Uganda aboard KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to Amsterdam on a Friday at 11:35 PM on Friday fen route to Amsterdam. After eight hours and 20 minutes of flying, …

London, England


By Elisabeth Amanya – Editor ETM London is a diverse and exciting city with some of the world’s best sights, attractions and activities. With so much to do, it’s hard to narrow down which places to visit considering the llimited time we had to spend in the city. So we picked out a city tour package that covers the biggest attractions of London. Itinerary- …

Inside The Vatican


Although Catholics around the world always look forward to the Pope visiting their respective countries, a Roman holiday to the Vatican is the best way to get close to the Pope. So I did! I went to the Vatican to bring you an insight into this fascinating place.

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