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KOIKOIUG Takes on South Western Uganda


If you haven’t heard about #KoikoiUg by now, you are living under a rock of massive proportions. For the last almost 2 years they have blessed our timelines with breathtaking pictures about Uganda. They got us questioning our stereotypes about Uganda and gave us a great sense of appreciation for our country, Uganda, the pearl of Africa. The #KoiKoiUg initiative …

Life Lessons from Cambodia


I had always watched movies about Cambodia and heard of Pol Pot and the genocide but nothing prepared me for the reality behind the dark history of this country. When I travelled to Phnom Penh last month, I took a Historical Tour covering the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum and Choeung Killing Fields. – Elisabeth Amanya. The next day, after an …

The Golden Temple and Amritsar’s attractions


by Annie Singh My last trip to India was 3 years back with my parents and brother. I have always yearned to visit Amritsar but my schedule had always been tight. This time I travelled on 31st January 2015, at 6.25pm with Qatar Airways: I took the last flight on that day. Since it was a working day, I had …

Monkey Buffet Festival


The annual Monkey Buffet Festival is fun festival with a difference, and one that is unique to Thailand, in the ancient town of Lopburi help in November. Lopburi, situated about 180 km north east of the Thai capital, Bangkok is home to the Crab-Eating Macaques or Long Tailed Macaques. The city is right on the banks of the Lopburi River …

Portugal on Budget


Joseph Yawe is a seasoned traveller and adventurist. In this article, we catch up with him about his European trip through Germany and Portugal. In July 2015, when I travelled from Boston to Würzburg, Germany (via Frankfurt) for a friend’s wedding, I knew I was up for an 11 day adventure. What were the highlights of your trip? Day 1-2 …

4-Day Camping Safari

4-day safari

By Bashir Nsubuga Imagine spending a night completely sorrounded by vast areas of forest,mountains, gorges and savanna landinhabited by all kinds of wildlife including the most fearful ones and having only a tent for shelter. Being one of my favourite outdoor activities, camping is the ultimate way of connecting with all the amazing natural places that one yearns to visit. …

Kampala Sightseeing

kampala sightseeing

By Joan & Martin Mugizi Kampala is not just a vibrant city with numerous boutiques and many other businesses, there is a lot more to explore. Coming to Kampala to attend a friend’s wedding presented my wife Joan and I an opportunity to tour Uganda’s capital city having spent most of our life in the neighbouring city Kigali, Rwanda. Stephen …

My Great Italian Glory

My great Italian glory

By Joselyn Nyakato Upon emerging as the lucky winner of Eminent Magazine free Italian trip offer, I could not with hold my excitement! Day 1: Arrival in  Milan I left Entebbe Airport, Uganda aboard KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to Amsterdam on a Friday at 11:35 PM on Friday fen route to Amsterdam. After eight hours and 20 minutes of flying, …

My Great Caribbean Escape


I recently treated myself to a Seven day South Caribbean Cruise on of the celebrity cruise line Ships, going from Puerto Rico, through Barbados, St Lucia, St Maarten, Antigua & Barbuda and US Virgin Islands. – Elisabeth Amanya The cruise itself is a two-part experience: on board ship experience while you are sailing and Port side Island experience when the ship is docked. A cruise is the …

Road Trip: Kampala to Mombasa


Upon attaining a Bachelor’s degree at Makerere University, my best friend Boaz and I were not among the many fresh graduates that had graduation parties awaiting them, we had something else in mind – a Road Trip Expedition! Together with my younger brother Jackson, the three of us embarked on a journey full of anticipation of the adventure. – By …

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