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10 tips to Enjoy Your Holiday Without Gaining Weight

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A few days away from work, travel, Christmas, thanksgiving or anything away from your daily routine is a good opportunity to let go and enjoy life. But with those big buffet dinner and exotic food menus you might end up with more ‘flab’ than ‘fab’ after your time off.

Here are a few tips to help you feel more confident during and after your vacation.

  1. Small portions: Resist the idea to splurge. Start out by eating from a smaller plate and resist the urge to get more once you have finished your serving. Then try eating larger portions of fruits and vegetables. Also start your meal with a bowl of soup or a tall glass of water or low calorie drink to fill you up.
  2. Sampling VS Feasting: Family holidays like Christmas or Eid are a trap to over-eating. You can’t resist your favorite dish made by grandma or your favourite Aunt Janet, one whose preparation is so time consuming that it’s enjoyed only once per year. But with so many dishes served at once, the best solution is to sample the delicacies instead of feasting. The problem is not having too little food but having too much, having a small portion of each seasonal dish can help satisfy your excitement without leaving you deprived.
  3. Walk a lot. Take the stairs. Stroll the neighborhood and enjoy the scenery.Walking increases your heart strength, tones your limbs, boosts vitamin D, gives you energy and overall boosts your mood, So for positive mental health, walking is an absolute must do.
  4. A ‘Treat’ a day. Don’t over restrict yourself because the more you ‘deny’ yourself, the more you’re going to crave it. So, go ahead and treat yourself to your favourite snack like ice cream, chocolate, popcorn once a day (only once), then while eating your healthy meals.
  5. Avoid high calorie drinks. We are talking about sugary drinks, including fruit juices, and alcoholic drinks. Drink lots of water and avoid drinks with too much sugar like soda, cocktails, fruit shakes and sweetened hot drinks. What people might not realize is that calories are calories.Whether you drink your calories or eat them, your body will process them in a similar manner. The big difference is that people feel much more satisfied and “full” if they eat their calories. Therefore, don’t ‘drink’ up your calories,’ eat’ them.
  6. The ‘Five-A-Day’ day rule. Make sure to eat five servings of fruit and vegetables every day. As well as tasting great, fruits and vegetables are incredibly versatile, packed with essential vitamins and minerals and a variety of phytochemicals (naturally occurring plant substances) that are vital for good health. Many of these nutrients also act as powerful antioxidants.
  7. Eat only when hungry. Don’t eat when you’re not hungry. This approach starts with eating breakfast, planning snacks, or eating only part of your lunch and saving the rest for a snack later on in the afternoon. Eat regular meals but don’t eat by the clock. Pack snacks like apples or an orange and Snack and eat them when you are hungry.
  8. Cook your own meals. Buy groceries and then make your own meals, that way you will know how much calories you were eating. Howver, if you are planning to eat out. Do your research about restaurants and hotel served meals.
  9. Have a drink (but not too many!)When you’re at a party, try to limit yourself to two and alternate them with glasses of water to avoid a crushing hangover the morning after. Experts recommend that you eat before you drink alcoholic beverages, to keep blood sugar in check. If you wake up with a throbbing head, down some water, pop a pain reliever like ibuprofen, and sleep!
  10. Rest, relax and enjoy your vacation. Get eight hours of sleep, get a massage, meditate and turn off your phone. This helps your body to release toxins which keeps your overall health in check.
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