KOIKOIUG Takes on South Western Uganda


If you haven’t heard about #KoikoiUg by now, you are living under a rock of massive proportions. For the last almost 2 years they have blessed our timelines with breathtaking pictures about Uganda. They got us questioning our stereotypes about Uganda and gave us a great sense of appreciation for our country, Uganda, the pearl of Africa. The #KoiKoiUg initiative …

10 tips to Enjoy Your Holiday Without Gaining Weight


A few days away from work, travel, Christmas, thanksgiving or anything away from your daily routine is a good opportunity to let go and enjoy life. But with those big buffet dinner and exotic food menus you might end up with more ‘flab’ than ‘fab’ after your time off. Here are a few tips to help you feel more confident …

How to score International scholarships


I graduated from Makerere business school in 2013, but I still haven’t found a job due the high unemployment rates in Uganda. Without money, I can’t afford to return to school to upgrade my skills in order to qualify for a better job, so am considering an international scholarship to help me out of my situation. Please give me advice …

How to Stash your Travel Cash


Having your wallet stolen on a trip, can put a big dent in a traveler’s trip. Let’s begin with these common-sense money safety reminders for all times (not just when you travel): Be discreet with your money in public – so you don’t draw attention. Carry small bills and only the cash you need for the day. If your pockets …

5 Tips for Cutting your Fuel Consumption


OPT FOR CLEAN OIL. Dirty oil is hard on your engine and the environment. Follow the maintenance schedule recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer and you will stretch your fuel mileage by 12%, reducing emissions and fill-ups. REPLACE YOUR SPARK PLUGS. Old spark plugs that make pinging sounds could mean that fuel isn’t burning completely inside the cylinder, this reduces fuel …

A Beginner’s Guide to Car-Buying


Just got your licence? Parent of a new driver? Read on for tips on how to land the right vehicle for the right price. BE PRACTICAL. Sleek design and a ‘wicked’ sound system are nice but first figure out what you need – cargo space, all-wheel drive, power vs fuel efficiency and so on. Do this before you start shopping, …